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The Wayseer Manifesto - A MUST WATCH

Did you ever get the feeling you didn't fit into this world? Have you been criticized for questioning the norms of society? Ever been judged for just existing, being shamed into silence and told to follow the rules and stay in line? You're a Wayseer, and so are we.

Society has been designed to program and socialize every person on the planet to buy into what they call "social norms". So here is the question, as we transition into a new paradigm - Do we all want to follow along with this push even further into obedience and compliance? Or do we want to build each other up compassionately, with integrity and truth as our foundation?

This is the beginning of igniting the fires of creativity, success on your terms, and support within our community. This is a call for all the truth seekers and Wayseers to join us in this journey to spread the message of love, living in truth, and steering the new paradigm with emotional intelligence to create a society that benefits everyone - not just a few.

Its time to shine the light into the darkness and illuminate a beauty never seen before. You have it in you to shine, and so do we... let's do it together!

You are right on time. Kelli and I love you, thank you for standing up, stepping out of line, and Hodling on...


"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society"

"Truth is a pathless land"

Krishnamurti , 1929


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