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All I want for Christmas....

Hello Beautiful Hodlrs!

Here we are in the Holiday Season, and I admit it I LOVE the holidays. Decorating, listening to holiday music, and celebrating mother earth on Solstice… Happy Holy Days to all of you!! It’s hard to find balance though, because I’ve been watching the FTX hearing, the news media, and Congress all speak misinformation about the cryptocurrency market. I get filled with sadness and frustration.

Growing up in America I was programmed that our country was just and fair and we aided other countries to be free just like in the USA. Learning how the media is used as a tool for mass programming of a narrative and our system of government has lost its way has been enlightening. Knowing about the corruption has a strange way of freeing me, all of us, from the programming. The light is shining on all this corruption, and to heal it we must first see it.

All I want for Christmas this year is a new beginning with a government I can trust. Imagine if we could verify the politician’s actions and hold them accountable on their promises to, We the People. You know that IS possible, right?! Using blockchain technology and smart contracts, we can keep our politicians accountable and if they don’t keep their word, their wrongdoings would be transparent and stored on the blockchain for all to see. That would be the best present :) May the light of this season continue to illuminate the corruption so we can mend this broken global system.

HODL ON this Christmas and enjoy the holiday season!


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