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We are the 99 percent!

We are all watching in real time the take down of society as we know it on a global scale. At what point will the 99 percent occupy their minds and say no more!

Do you remember about a decade ago, the world witnessed the birth of the Occupy movement, a powerful call to action against economic inequality, corporate dominance in politics, and the urgent need for social justice. Things are intensifying and its time for an awakening that challenges the established order, demanding change.

Inflation continues to erode global dollars, mass migration on a global scale, instability of our government, decaying social fabric of societal norms on a grand scale and I dont see any signs of slowing. Corporate influence in politics is so strong its hard to see who actually makes the decisions anymore and at what point can the people see it is all theater? One chaotic event after another to make the USA and other countries vulnerable to collapse.

Today, we have a beacon of hope and its called the blockchain and decentralized finance (DeFi) technologies. Blockchain and cryptocurrency offer solutions that empower individuals to be their own bank, its time to "Occupy your bank account."

Blockchain technology, like Bitcoin, introduces transparency and decentralization to the financial landscape. It enables secure, peer-to-peer transactions that bypass the need for traditional intermediaries and is censorship resistant. Financial soverignity can become a reality, for everyone across the globe.

We are all here now, in this moment of time with the technology to set us all free from a failing and corrupt system.. By "occupying" our own bank accounts through crypto and blockchain, we step out of line and become a sovereign world where financial power resides with the people.


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