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Let's all stop and look around!

I am encouraging everyone to stop and look around and notice that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking over the world, one task at a time! But don't worry, robots haven't quite figured out how to make a decent cup of coffee just yet, but you can visit Las Vegas and have an AI arm pour you a stiff drink! AI systems can now perform some impressive tasks that were once thought only possible by humans. Chat GPT is just the beginning. Soon we will have AI recognizing speech and images to making decisions and predictions, these machines are becoming smarter everyday thanks to large corporations collecting our data over the years!

Think about self-driving cars, one day we will no longer have to worry about the dread of rush hour traffic. These vehicles are equipped with sensors, cameras, and computer systems that can perceive their surroundings and make decisions in real-time. How long will it take for driverless cars to fly? Sooner than we can all imagine.

With great power comes great responsibility. Is humanity ready for this kind of responsibility? While the benefits of AI are clear, there are also valid concerns about its impact on society. One main concern is the potential for job loss as AI systems become more advanced. Privacy is another valid concern. It is up to us as a society to ensure that we are using AI in a responsible and ethical manner, to ensure a bright future for all. So, let's work together to make sure AI serves us, not the other way around!



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