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Can you feel the hunger of your calling?

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to share this inspiring song A Call to Stand by Eleanor Brown. We are all right on time to rise up, build together, and create a new way of experiencing LIVING in this world. We've been through a lot, collectively. In the past few hundred years, we've been taught in schools and shown in corporations how to "be successful" in the world. We've been told how to climb the ladder of success, what degrees will get us there, and what institutions we need to belong to for optimal financial success... but the foundations of so many of these ways are outdated, benefit very few at the top, and are NOT working for so many of us. While they might be earning us a paycheck, many people are asking themselves these days, "am I really LIVING"? We've grown away from connection, collaboration, and celebration of our unique abilities and sold a bag of lies that lift up the corporations, the big industries, the big banks, and the big shots.

What if we look back, way back, even further back... to our ancestors and remember that they are the ones who took a stand. It's because of their resilience and fortitude that we are here, now. We carry that strength in our very own DNA. Their strength is in your very bones. There seems to be a collective call to answer that hunger of a calling that is rising inside of us.... one where we all know our truth and we stand up for it. We are on the edge of a new way of living, working, and experiencing this world. This is YOUR Call to STAND!

How will you show up for yourself, your family, and your community?

What systems are you working for?

What systems are working for you?

What do you stand for?

What do you stand against?

Now is the time to consider these questions, as we move forward together to build a world that works for ALL of us... WE the People.

Two women and crypto are here for love, support, honesty, community, and we encourage everyone to be authentically themselves. Remember, we are already free. It's time to step out of line and answer the call to stand, for yourself and those who will look to you as an ancestor in the distant future. What you stand for or against now will shape the future.

Its a good time to plant some food, maybe some potatoes, and Hodl on.....

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