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Change is on the Rise

Hello all you beautiful Hodlrs!

Let's take a moment to put aside the geo-political war, trade wars, currency and technology wars. We are in an energy war but not in the way most people think of energy. Our bodies are electric, and our energy is a precious commodity. What good is a man who has lost his soul? Can't take a stand when his flame has gone low. Where are we in this energy war on human beings. Are we winning or losing? Are people's lights dimming? Maybe it's time to sing all day stomp your feet, close your eyes and feel the electricity in every cell of your body come alive until the point love overcomes you and brings tears of joy to your eyes.

It is time to transform within. You need you, and the world needs you. Collectively we are rising our energy and our consciousness to break the mind control of the matrix we currently live in. Love will lead the way and now is the moment to find your spark, tend to it, and when the time is right our flames will all connect and create a beacon of light to shift us into a new energetic and Human Renaissance.

I feel a change on the rise.

Much love and Until Week



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