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Give some love today on Mothers Day!

On this Mother’s Day, let's explore love… It’s time to unite, learn, and be as loving as possible while we come together to transition from a Centralized way of living of Control and Dominance to a Decentralized way of life. The power systems are currently being dismantled and diffused from a hierarchical system to a circular system, where the majority of people will have the voice. Arranging organic, healthy, vibrant humans who are full of creativity and heart into linear lines, timestamps, and square boxes is no longer efficient, perhaps it never was. Climbing ladders, ‘reaching for the top’, and governmental, financial, and industry leadership organized in ways that are domineering rather than collaborating are all starting to crumble. We are stepping into a new paradigm and co-creating a world full of love, respect, and circular/integrative based on systems that actually work. How is this related to cryptocurrency, you ask? Decentralized systems will allow us to exit and step out of a system that offers unrelenting abuse and lies, creating a pathway we’ve never experienced before of peer-to-peer transactions and endless opportunities to build each other up. This won’t happen fast enough for those of us who have been out of line for a long time, but each day we can support each other to be strong, speak out, and give love, we will be building the future we all want our future generations to grow up in.

Does war, control, and dominance make the world better? Does deceit, violence, and systemic traps of disempowerment create a future we look forward to? We know, and so do the Mothers (and Father’s) of the world, that the answer is no.

The ultimate archetype of the mother is to protect, nurture, and create life. We are tasked with this great responsibility as a human race – what do you nurture and create? How are you nourishing your future? What will you protect, with the fierceness of a mother? For me, it’s freedom. With freedom, we have the power to create what we most desire… but first, we must all be free. And we start with love…

Join us in this paradigm shift. You cannot buy love; love is not for sale. We are already love. It comes from within, and I believe it will save us from this global crisis. Give your love away. Nourish and nurture yourself and your community, learn what you can, teach what you learn, plant potatoes, and hodl on!

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