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I believe in being ready.

As an observer I am watching the breaking down of our current systems and I encourage everyone to get ready and to prepare for more uncertainty to come. There are signs everywhere of a currency war, a geopolitical war, as well as a technology and trade war. Digital currency and the adoption of the blockchain will move across international borders and could lead to the diminishment of the US dollar. Regulation for cryptocurrency is coming soon. Are you ready?

Lets think for a minute about how our societal fabric has been breaking down over the past several years. Rising dominance of virtual worlds definitely has its pros and cons but always remember we are human beings and need physical connection. Constantly checking out into the metaverse opens doorways to

dehumanism and apathy and other issues as well. With all this said the metaverse is drawing near. Are we ready?

The rising financial inequality in the USA is concerning. I wonder if there will be a middle class after this next financial shift and maybe the USA will have two classes the elite rich and poor. The median rent prices for the month of May came in at just over 2K/month pushing people with fulltime jobs to couch surf and live in their cars as our elders are being pushed out of their apartments because of the drastic rental increases. Lets turn this around and start over and co-create a better way to house some of our brothers and sisters.

Maybe It is time to make new friends and weave a community to inspire one another to co-create a community of support, peace, and love.

Lets build each other up....

Brothers, Sisters, please get ready. Food, H20, Shelter, Energy, Community, and things to Barter. No one can time exactly when the shift will occur but watch the signs. Its better to be 2 years to early than a minute late.

Always remember two women and crypto are here :)

Until Next week,


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