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Im so mad I want a peaceful revolution...

Hello beautiful HODLRs!

With the Fail of FTX and the scandalous actions of Sam Bankman Fried who is currently under "supervision" in the Bahamas I can’t help but to get super fired up. 16 billion wiped out of FTX. Back in August, a 29 year old developer was arrested for developing tornado cash, a cryptocurrency mixer to protect users privacy. Last I checked, privacy is not a crime, nor is developing privacy computer software and last I checked Sam Bankman Fried is still not arrested. Ask yourself, does this make sense?

Over ten years ago Michael Franti sings three piece suits and bank accounts in Bahamas.... Sam Bankman-Fried still not in the slammer and chilling in the Bahamas? Who is Sam Bankman-Fried? Time to do some research.....

A revolution never comes with a warning. Get prepared. Food, Water, Community, Cash in the house, physical gold and silver, and your crypto stored offline on your hardware wallet. We are witnessing the fail of centralized systems and a major power grab is happening.

So lets blast some Michael Franti and dance and sing and focus on love and energize every cell in your body to mentally prepare for what is coming. It's time for a peaceful revolution based in love. It will be LOVE that will protect us and propel us into their new world paradigm.

Hodl on...


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