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Making sense of all of this....

Hi Everyone!

So I have been following this years World Economic Forum's meeting in Davos, Switzerland. My first reaction is anger, fear, sadness and I asked myself the question. What is the solution? I believe we are here to re-member who we are which of course is Love :) With so much chaos going on in the world its so easy to forgot kindness, compassion and gentleness. As we enter into a new paradigm it will take a collective to come together and rise and establish balance in the world. The current centralized system is falling apart and we all have the ability to create as powerful human beings with strong spirits.

Time to step into the truth and find the courage to stop the madness that is coming our way. Until this happens I love to listen to Michael Franti's song This world is so f-ed up but I am never giving up on it :)

We Got this and we are all in this together!

Hodl on!

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1 Yorum

26 May 2022

I look forward to hearing more about this from you Andrea!

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