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As time passes I am reminded by one of my favorite songs Society-by Eddie Vedder. Is society a crazy breed? What is making society crazy now in this moment? Could it be the media, the government and powerful tech companies influencing people how to think and feel through constant exposure of their world vision through mass media programming channels, and social media. I believe our minds as humans are very vulnerable to deception and manipulation. Look at marketing companies and college institutions rewarding degrees on how to manipulate peoples behavior to want something? Are humans a crazy breed or is it the information that we are spoon fed that makes us crazy?

Can you image what the world would be like if the mass media pumped information about morals, kindness, empathy, and goodness. I don't know about you but I am ready for that kind of programming!

Lets keep on keeping on in all this craziness and know we will come out of this on the other side with a beginning of something wonderful :)

Until next week, HODL ON!

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1 Comment

Jul 20, 2022

Great song and post!

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