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Time to get started!

Hello Community!

Back in 2005, I started a journey into studying and living with nutrition as a top priority. I came to redefine nutrition and what 'nourishment' meant in my life. I started to ask myself if what I was 'digesting' was nourishing... this wasn't just related to food, but the news and media I consumed, the people that I surrounded myself with, and the lifestyle choices that I created more/less of in my life. I looked to music as a form of nutrition, a daily dose of vitamin Get-Up-And-Move-It (GUAMI) was a part of my daily routine and it still is! I would listen to this song almost every morning back in those early days and I would take myself to the mini trampoline to get my energy and blood flowing through my body. True nourishment makes the body FEEL good and it can come in all kinds of ways... music, food, family, friendship, what you're curious enough to learn about, your work, your pets, how you move, sleep, connect, and a list could that could go on and on.... Let's get it started together! Is a new routine begging your attention? Is there something you want to get started today? Let's get it started! HA!

What nourishes you, friends?

What's your daily dose of GUAMI?

Is there something that you need to get started on?

Take a moment to drop your thoughts in the comments below! We'd love to hear from you!

Things are changing fast. We are transitioning to a new EVERYTHING model now and I don't know about you, but since we are heading there inevitably, I am ready to get it started! HA!

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