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What is your mantra?

Today I see the distributed digital networks of communication rewiring and the re-patterning of human consciousness through their diverse and pervasive interconnections. I remember I am light.....

Today I see the world driven by power, greed, and control. I remember I am the light....

Today I see mass chaos on social exchanges breaking down mutual trust and respect. I remember I am the light....

Today I see seeds being planted creating new projects, communities, social networks and organizations. I remember I am the light....

Today I see social changes of the future coming from internal evolution catalyzed within the hearts, spirit, and minds of people. I remember I am the light...

Today I remember I am Strength, Wisdom, and Courage. I am purity, light, and love.

Today I remember we are all the Light....

Until next week,

Hodl On....

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2 Komentar

04 Agu 2022

Andrea, I love this. I would like to repost it on my Facebook page if you don't mind?

Andrea Caldiero
Andrea Caldiero
04 Agu 2022
Membalas kepada

That would be wonderful!

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